Monday, September 29, 2008

Sorry, Mom

My mom asked me point blank to not share this story, asking "Is nothing sacred anymore?!" but I just have to because it was so funny. Seth likes Daisy just fine, but Blake and Daisy are the best of friends. Their favorite activities include: licking, being licked, sharing food, sharing toys, chewing on each other's toys, and chasing each other. The other day Friggs and I were at the library and Kyle, in all his wisdom (sorry, babe) decided it was a good and acceptable practice to leave Scooter and Daisy alone together in the living room while he fixed something on my car (thanks, babe!). He comes in and checks on them every couple of minutes and everything's fine. The last time he goes and checks on them, he opens the door to hear intense giggling. The kind only babies are capable of when they think something is hilarious and they are laughing so hard they are out of breath. He steps into the living room to see bits of fluff scattered about. Hmmm, odd. Wonder what that is. He looks over and sees Blake crawling across the floor, the rear end of his diaper completely gone and shredded, and Daisy alternately barking with excitement, tugging on the back of his diaper, and licking his bare bottom. They were having the time of their little lives. Kyle was glad it wasn't a poopy diaper. So gross. So stinkin' funny. I arrived just in time to see the evidence:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Gospel According to Seth

This is what Friggs told me in the car today. By the way, I promise we read bible stories daily and talk about Jesus all the time! :
"So, Jesus died on the cross for us (at this point, I'm feeling warmed and proud, maybe even a little smug, because, hey, my kid talks about Jesus because we're good parents who teach their kid...) but that was after the pirates came. Yep. The pirates came, and they fought, on the ocean with their ships. And then Jesus died for our sins on the cross. But then he got back up. That's when he made the grass and water and stuff like lizards. After the pirates had left. Then he went to heaven."

Friday, September 19, 2008


I'm not exactly sure how to write these words down, and I know that I don't want to, but Kyle and I are no longer pregnant. I started spotting on Wednesday so we went in for a sonogram. They did not find a 7 week fetus, only an egg sac. We were told that we might be pregnant, just earlier than we thought (no explanation as to the bleeding). We were sent for blood work and then sent home. Things continued to get worse and I miscarried this morning. Based on somewhat intense research on medical sites on the internet, I believe I had a blighted ovum, or a false pregnancy. That means a fetus never formed, only the egg sac. It will raise your hcg levels and make you think you are pregnant, but you won't have any other symptoms, like nausea. That definitely describes my experience. Kyle and I are heartbroken, of course, but I truly feel a God-given peace through this. I know he is carrying us through. I am so grateful to be with my two little blessings Seth and Blake to remind me how much I have to be thankful for. Thanks to those of you who have been praying for us, please continue to do so.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Insights of Friggs

Today, Friggs was being silly and forcing Blake to wear different hats and laughing at him. Kyle was standing there enjoying the moment when Seth said, "Bean is funny and he doesn't know it. He's just like God." Kyle:"Okay........." Seth: "Yeah, people don't think God's funny, but He is." What in the world?! Later that evening we were talking about how old different people were. He asked how old Uncle Andy was and we told him "35." Friggs said, "Wow, that means he's got a lot of teeth." So, you might have noticed that Seth calls Blake "Bean." Have I blogged about this before? I don't remember, so read it and act very suprised and interested. When he was born we said he was a fat little butterbean. Friggs took that and ran with it. He almost always calls him "Bean" or "Scooter Bean." I really don't know why it stuck or why we nickname our kids so oddly. We usually call him "Scooter." In other news, I am 7 weeks pregnant now and have still not had any morning sickness. I have definitely never made it this far before. Yay!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Yes, I'm pregnant! It is such a blessing. I am six weeks along, my due date is May 3. It was planned, but we were both a little flabbergasted at how quickly it happened. Our usual experience is "Want a baby in a couple years? Start trying Now!" Blake and the new baby will be 20 months apart. A good distance I think, even if I might have two in diapers for a while. That's the exact distance apart as Roger and Andy. We are so blessed to not have to chart, have surgery, or take fertility drugs this time! God is Good! We found out on Labor day and I think I hyperventilated a little bit. I mean, really, I weaned Blake three weeks ago. Mom and Chuck came down this weekend to go tubing, so we made Blake this shirt and he was wearing it when they arrived. They didn't notice it right away, but when they did they were ecstatic. This has been a pretty big week for us. We also got a puppy on Sunday. We have been looking online at different adoption sites for about a month, and she popped up. She is dappled daschund and schnauzer mix. She is more daschund looking, I think. Anyway, I went and picked her up yesterday and got home just in time to suprise Friggs as he woke up from his nap. He was really excited, but I think Scooter is actually more interested in her. She really likes them but is a little scared of Friggs, as he is still learning how gentle to be with a puppy. We named her Daisy. Kyle actually likes this for a girl's name but I don't like it enough for my child, so this seemed like a reasonable compromise. She is really cute, or maybe so ugly she's cute, but she is cuter than the pics. She was very wary of the camera. Pray that I won't get my normal all-day morning sickness! So far I feel good.
Meet Daisy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

How do you tame the Tasmanian Devil?

You've gotta love those moments as a parent when the teacher pulls you aside. I mean, really, is there anything better than that moment? Well, it happened for me on Sunday when I picked up Seth from Sunday school. It wasn't that bad, really. The teacher just asked me if Kim and I could work on Seth's ability to sit in a chair. Not that he's unable to do it, but that he is having trouble maintaining contact between the chair and his buttocks for more than 9 seconds. I already knew this, of course. The sad thing is, we do work on it. This poor, exasperated teacher doesn't realize she's dealing with an improved version already. She actually told me that she has to sit next to him during the little worship service they have so that she can keep him in his seat. He is a total spaz. Have you ever seen a room full of kids, all sitting and watching a puppet show? You know how there's usually one kid, not in his seat, maybe in the corner of the room, doing jumping jacks? or perhaps spinning around and flailing his arms? chanting? Yeah, that's my kid. At least we have a year before kindergarten. Somehow, with God's help, Kim and I will be able to transform our "Tasmanian Devil"- I hope. Most likely, we'll be working on this one for a while. After all, it is my fault. My mom has countless embarassing home videos of me doing pretty much the same stuff he does. And a stack of report cards with "Needs Improvement" checked by the "Pays Attention" box. I have watched some videos at my parents house that are literally painful for me. I think, "Why didn't someone just tie me to something?" The worst part is, in some of them, I'm like 8. Seth's only 4. I need to take action now. I think next week when I drop Seth off at class, I'm going to hand the teacher a bungee cord. When she asks what it's for, I'll just nod and say, "Oh, you'll figure it out."