Monday, June 18, 2012

who knows

So, I know this is old news to most people by now, but Cullen fried my laptop in May by sprinkling it with his sippy cup.  More than a year's worth of photos are gone forever, so although we really did have a busy spring.... I can't prove it!  So why haven't I blogged since February?  Well, I guess I haven't really felt up to it.  You know those wonderfully inspiring blogs where every post is an "in the moment" glimpse of the trial they're going through?  Apparently, that is not this blog.  Objectively, (is that even possible?) I think I'm dealing quite healthily with losing my mom.  And while I certainly do not suppress my grief, I have found I don't want to write about it much because it makes me so sad.  The grief is palpable, always right under the surface, threatening to well up at any moment.  I've had a really great spring, and enjoyed my life in so many ways, but grief doesn't go away so quickly, you just learn to make room for it, too.  I have been so thankful for the continued words of comfort and encouragement that I get.  Alright, enough waxing philosophical.... here's a few pics of what we've done recently...

We found a ginormous grub in our garden!  Apparently they become rhinoceros beetles and are good for your garden.

Ruckus giving his "I'm incredibly impressive" look.  He also gives this look sometimes while chunking things off the porch and saying "I'm being naughty, I'm not allowed to do this!"  Stinker.
Sarah and Jarrod Dyer came down for the first half of Spring Break and we have been friends with them since our freshman year.  We had such a good time!  And they are wonderful friends because they  helped me put my garden in.  Kyle built me a stone raised bed that runs the length of the porch, and Jarrod and I and the bigger kids filled it with a dump truck load of dirt while Sarah watched the littles, and then she helped me plant everything.  Kyle was in shock when he got home from work and it was all done! 
We got enough rain one day that we could actually tube our creek!  The water had actually receded several inches when I took this pic.  We had a blast!  

I got to go with Kyle to his conference in Austin in May while Chuck bravely and successfully watched the boys one night for us.  We had so much fun and ate at the food trucks and I got to sleep in.
 Even more fun, Kyle and I spent the night at the Hotel Havana on the Riverwalk for our 13th anniversary and we had a blast.  I am definitely a happily married woman, but getting to spend a whole 24 hours with just him and no responsibilities (or conference for him to go to) was like "Oh yeah, this is why I fell in love with you!"

 I also got to go to Pink Impact in Grapevine this year with some of my dearest friends.  The conference was AMAZING and I will try to go every year.  Kari Jobe led worship, Beth Moore and many other wonderful people spoke, and it was so Spirit filled!  Here I am with Crystal Brashear, Stefanie Reese, and Debbie Ray.  I miss these girls!