Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Montage

Okay, sorry it's been awhile since I posted. Things have been crazy. Seth had got a stomach bug when we were at the farm for Chuck's b-day. Then of course there was Easter, and now I have pneumonia. It's not a bad case at all and we are very thankful for it. In fact we spent Tuesday in Urgent Care praying specifically for pneumonia because the doctor felt it was either that or a pulmonary embolism - blod clot in the lungs, which is very serious and would have required major tests that have some risks to the baby and surgery. So, yea pneumonia! Thanks to those of you who prayed and for Kelly who so awesomely took care of my kids for a day and a half!! I see creme brulee in your future...

So, this post is just catching you up with some random photos. I will post on Easter as soon as I get the photos edited!

Here is Seth on the way home from the farm when he was sick. He just sacked out in the car. I couldn't resist a picture of those lashes! They are just like Kyle's. Why do boys get them??

When we were at the farm, Kyle said, "Okay, Blake come here, it's time for your bath!" Blake didn't come, so Kyle came out of the bathroom and asked where he was. We had just seen him, but now he was nowhere. Immediately (it's a big house) we have me, Kyle, Grammy, and 2 aunts fanned out and looking. It took a minute, but finally, Grammy called from her bathroom, "Bring your camera!" Blake had obeyed. He went to Grammy's tub, got in - clothes and shoes still on, of course- turned on the water (thankfully cold) and was attempting to scrub himself!

This is Seth and Rylan Cummings at Braden's b-day party. I just thought it was so sweet that they don't get to see each other often, but love each other and pick up right where they left off!

Look what we found when we moved some furniture in Blake's room!

Look at this little flirt! I have no idea where he would get that! He is going to be a ham, I can tell you that now. His little personality is really starting to show.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Maternity Photos

My dear friend Stefanie drove all the way down from Kaufman and did my maternity photos for me yesterday. She does all my maternity and baby pics and she is awesome. In case you are in the DFW area and ever want to use her, here is her info: Stefanie Reese, Reflections of Faith Photography, 469-261-0211. She is very talented at working with natural light and settings. Anyway, I have to admit that the idea of having all these portraits made of myself seems incredibly vain to me, except for the fact that I am pregnant, and I always feel so special when I am pregnant, like I am walking around with physical evidence of God's great blessing on my life. So, I love maternity photos and have an album for each kiddo. I will say that yesterday was crazy! It was nice and sunny, with sustained 35mph winds!!! It was very hard to work with, but that's okay. We took the pics in Gruene, some at Gruene Hall and the Gristmill. Such a cool place. We pretty much took pics all day, with a couple of breaks for shopping and lunch. I would never take so many if it were a paid session, but I am her guinea pig and I do what she tells me and we try lots of things and have fun. She took over 400 pics! Don't worry, I won't make you look at them all. That many pics means that a few turned out perfect. I also asked her to take pics of Kyle and I- something I realized we haven't done (professionally) since our wedding! I love them.

If you want to see the rest, check facebook or click here.