Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why I Never Get Things Done (or, Blake)

I wonder why sometimes I feel so unproductive, so inefficient? Oh, wait. I know. Blake. BeanBean is always into something. Always. He's sweet. He's cute. He's into everything. He feels that almost everything is worth getting disciplined for. Please don't think we let him do what he wants without consequence - or training - we are actually quite consistent. But he's a stinker. For about 3 weeks I carried the camera around and took pics of what he did. By no means did I get them all, and I never took pics of the same thing if it happened more than once. It does. A lot.
tumping over the chair - never allowed

wiping his nose on the sheet that got put on literally less than a minute before
Messing with the forbidden stereo - notice his balance, it's actually quite impressive.
Getting into the chocolate torte. What's a little forbidden dessert right after a bath?
Massacring the tres leches cake
How helpful to "re-organize" for us - glad Kyle checked before pre-heating!
dressing up during nap time

playing with dish soap - He's saying "Uh-oh!" as if it were an accident. I know better.
Orange juice dumped on his head.
Saying "No touch!" while messing in the grill.
he superglued his tongue. Yep.
spare change from his mouth - an almost daily occurence. No, I do not leave change where he can reach it. The kid has problem-solving skills.
Coffee, anyone?
The only time he's at peace! And how sweet he looks when he is.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mean Mom Award

I'm pretty cheap and unsympathetic to the grocery store pleadings of my five year old. So it should not have been so surprising when today he looked at me with confusion and asked, "Mom, what is Kool-Aid?" (pronounced like it was a very exotic sounding word). Apparently he heard about such wonderful liquid goodness from school. At home he gets water or milk. Poor kid. I ought to put a kool-aid packet in his stocking or something.

To top it off, here are some angry baby pics. Apparently, pumpkins really tick Cullen off. Is it so wrong to love angry baby pictures? Cause I think it's really funny. He got happy for a very short while and I got some cute ones.pumpkins make him sleepy!

This is his "Joey" face. "How you doin'?"

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween party

Just a few pics from previous Halloween parties. Good times! I miss you Crystal and Ben, Stefanie and Joe. I guess I can't reasonably expect Scotty and Kristen to come to our party from India, either. We usually have one every year, but this will be our first one in San Antonio! Theme - Movie Couples. Should be fun.