Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seth saved up 200 tokens for doing chores and cashed them in to go bowling. It was a huge hit!! We had so much fun. Blake loved it too. Cullen didn't care.

By the way, I wanted you to see the difference between the last two pics. Our digital camera broke last year, the little one we throw in the bag when I don't want my big one. After researching, I decided the best little point and shoot digital camera under $200 would be The Nikon Coolpix S220. Don't get it! The white balance compensation is all off. On auto, it turns most everything yellow, as in the bottom photo. The top photo isn't very good at all, but it's the best I could fix it with editing. Auto does fine in sunlight, but not indoors. So, if you want a good a good indoor shot, you have to go in and manually preset the white balance for each new setting. Kinda negates the ease of a point and shoot.