Saturday, June 11, 2011

More cabin updates

We are blessed to have so many awesome friends. We had friends help Kyle with all sorts of labor, friends help me paint many times, friends who helped pack us, and friends who moved us. Thank you so much! We feel very loved! Now, on to cabin pics. Here is the downstairs bath when we bought it:
Vanity area before:
After: You can't tell that much of a difference in paint color, but believe me, the before was really gross, remember a ringtail cat had been living there.... and the paint color after has a sheen, like pearl.

Inside of vanity drawers before:

My dear friends from Kaufman, Debbie, Stefanie, and Crystal, whom I miss so much, came down and unpacked me. They hauled lumber and trash, bathed my children, did laundry, and were generally all that and a bag of chips! We worked so hard we didn't get a single picture, so this is an old one. They brought some of their kids with them, so there were 10 kids running around making messes and having a blast while we worked.
This is the old dining room table from cabin, you can see it in the living room pic in the previous post. I decided to use it for outdoor dining and painted it the same color as the downstairs bath. And below is the dining room chair before the redo: Why am I switching posting above or below the pics? Who knows, just can't seem to decide today...

I got the fabric 50% off online and everything turned out great, but only because Will Kraft graciously cut me new cushion bottoms and Crystal put the foam together and then gave me explicit instructions on how to finish the rest. Last night we had our first friends over for dinner and ate outside and talked while the sun set and listened to Nate play the guitar and the kids ran around and we yelled things like "Quit lettin' all the paid for air out!"... I have to admit it was as great as I hoped it would be. We have an awesome little home and a fab front porch!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

We're In!

As of Saturday night, we are officially in the cabin! Things are starting to look good around here! We had a Bennett work weekend the weekend before we moved in, and then Kyle's family came down to help us move. We got a ton of work done:

My brother Andy worked on an extra support for the stairs, and a dozen other things
Mark Blankinship trying to keep the cabin from falling over...
Kate and I painting the bathroom
Chuck painting the little boys' bunkbeds
Carlton working on the roof to the well house. Many other people came and worked hard, but didn't get their picture taken...

I know you've seen some of these pics before, but here is the progression of the kitchen and living room renovation:

Look how good a job Kyle did on the floors. They gleam!!

Here is how it is now. Much better, but hopefully will have curtains up soon...
Many more pics to come :)