Monday, January 4, 2010

December and New Year's in pics

We took a trip to Kaufman because I was having serious withdrawals from my girls. See how big we're smiling? And we had already been together all day. We're just that jazzed about being together again. I deeply miss their daily presence in my life. I miss having prayer partners who know the ins and outs of my marriage, because they were there with me through some tough times. Of course, they are just a phone call away, but only one of the three really carries her cell phone and answers it regularly (Names are withheld to protect the guilty). Now, San Antonio friends, don't get sad, I love you too. I'm glad I'm here. Wouldn't change it. I just want these girls to move here, too. We stayed up late and talked til the wee hours of the morning, we did Christmas shopping, we managed to cover all manner of deep topics as we usually do. I feel filled up. Recharged. Thanks. Come see me.
Debbie, aka "The Baby Whisperer" making Cullen laugh more in one night than I have total. Knew she would. She's got the gift. He looks a little orange and I have since cut him off from all orange vegetables. Why do all my kids do this?

Grammy with the cutest elf ever. Can you get enough of that hat? I couldn't. I'll probably bust it out again in March and call him a leprechaun. A girl at Kyle's work knitted it for him and it is just to die for.

The whole Bennett crew. We opened up Christmas presents at our house and then got in the car and headed to the farm. We had too much food and played lots of game. We even cooked cabrito. Yum.
I've always been a sucker for the eyes. Man.Friggs with his new camo gear from Glo Glo and Pa. He loves it, of course.