Sunday, July 3, 2011

Front door and bedroom before and afters

My cabin is about finished! At least with phase one... I feel like I have gotten enough done that when I am recovering from surgery, I will be able to sit around and enjoy the cabin, instead of looking at all the things I wished I had accomplished. So working like the dickens for the last few months has paid off! By the way, this Thursday is my surgery, so keep me in your prayers. Pray specifically that my Dr. can save an ovary for me! I really don't want to start hormones this young if I don't have to. We had a housewarming party last night and it went great. It struck Kyle and I as kind of funny that the flow of people was so much better here in the cabin than in our rent house, which was much bigger. Then we did the math and figured out we have nearly 400 square feet of porch. Awesome:

See my lights? Aren't they lovely? Okay, I knew I wanted the front door to pop, but I wasn't sure what color to do. I would normally choose red, but it didn't feel right. My good friend Sarah took one look at it, and said it should be turquoise. She was right and it looks fabulous. I seriously get excited every time I look at it. She showed me the door on this blog and I blatantly copied it. I even used Benjamin Moore Paint and I wish I hadn't. Because now I know what it's like to paint with nice paint. Will I ever be able to go back? Probably. I'm pretty cheap. But it was like painting with the smoothest pudding that doesn't drip and does exactly what it's supposed to do. Here's the before of the door:

No before photos of the boys' rooms. And I'm not done with Seth's drapes, but here's the current pics:

My "Office":

The loft before:

Who knew all I ever wanted was a charming little cabin? I certainly didn't, but I guess God did. We have absolutely fallen in love with this place. It is a cozy, cheerful home.

Now, on a serious note, most of you probably know this by now, but in case you don't: my mom has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Oncologists have said she is not a good candidate for a surgical cure, and not much hope for remission. She has chosen to be treated by Dr. Truitt, a well respected doctor whom I have researched thoroughly even before she knew she had cancer (I was hoping he treated endometriosis, but he is too busy healing cancer patients...). I truly feel a peace about all this. I feel uplifted and carried through by the spirit. I know the healing power of God, but I know all too well that sometimes the answer is "No." Regardless of the answer, I know where my mom has stored up her treasure, and I know God holds her in the palm of his hand. It is my fervent prayer she will be healed and enjoy many more years on this earth! It is driving both of us crazy not to be able to help the other. She begins treatment this week, same as my surgery. I am so thankful for Katie and Beth, my sisters-in-law for stepping up to fill the gap. They are taking my kids and taking care of me after surgery, since Mom can't. I can't wait to recover enough to go be a help to her.