Monday, April 1, 2013

The Rest of 2012 in pics...

I'm so far behind on blogging I'm just gonna do summer and fall 2012 in pics:

 Some good friends from college, including my sis-in-law Kate came down for a day of tubing.
 Kyle's office party in December, one of maybe 3 dates this year.  Why do babysitters have to leave for college?!
 I took the boys this summer on a trip to see Allison Woods.  The boys had such fun together!!
 So did I!
 Nicole, Summer, Leni, and I.  Leni moved to El Paso last year and was back in town for a visit.  Still miss her a ton.
 My Uncle Danny and I took the boys to the Trophy Barber Shop, where they have over 200 animals and my brothers got their hair cut there as little boys.  They loved it!!
 Blake's first crabbing experience.  When we cooked it and ate it (the one crab), he declared it to be "even better than bacon!"
 While in Corpus we also went to the beach.

 We also went out to the Gulf with Rog and on the way out we got to salvage a very small shipwreck.  Totally legal, FYI.  Seth was super excited to find some dice, which he is convinced belonged to a pirate.

 Look how we started the day happy ....
And came back sick as dogs.  At least all the Stringers.  I guess I have lost my land legs.  I heaved every time I moved my body out of absolute horizontal.  It did not help that Roger and Beth laughingly talked about the worst meal choices they've seen people eat before a boat trip.  They included, but were not limited to: chorizo tacos, tuna salad, and spicy spam.  I seriously don't know what happened to me.  It was a nice average day out there.

 We also went camping in the fall at Somerville State Park with the Stringers.   I did not get seasick.