Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Camping Pics

 I snapped a few portraits while camping...
 My awesome mother-in-law, Gloria
 My handsome nephew, Carter
 My fav of him
 Sweet Ruckus Magoo
I am going to use this one as his 2 yr. portrait.  Love it!
Okay, this was not while camping, but I had to share.  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oklahoma Camping Trip

We spent a long weekend up in the Oachita mountains of Oklahoma camping with Kyle's family.  With the Stringers, camping means trail riding horses everyday.  I had the best time.  I always really enjoy it, but it used to really take a lot out of me.  This is my first time to do this since my surgery and I felt awesome!  I would get up and hike with Seth and nephew Carter in the mornings and be ready to ride after that.  Blake was just in awe of everything.  He loved every minute.  Seth even rode on his own a couple of times and did really well - just around camp, though.

We actually got to see some fall color!  Can I just say that seeing Kyle on a horse - how well he works with them, not to mention how good he looks - was maybe 30% of why I married him?

 Carlton and Gloria - best in-laws ever!  Carlton bought me my own saddle!!  I love it.  Now, to get a horse... hopefully next year.

Kyle and his mini-me:

Seth burning a stick.  It was really cold the first night.  Well. It was in the 30's that night and that was plenty cold for me.  I live in San Antonio for a reason!  Even Dallas was too cold.  Thank you Auntie Sue for buying us that electric blanket for our wedding that we didn't register for, it has been used countless times.

Kyle's sister Kali has a miniature horse named Puddin'.  Oh. My.  The boys were in love.  Blake and Cullen were always on him.  Seth was a little big.

Any time you would go to get Cullen off, he would lean away and yell "Don't get me off!  Don't get me off!"   He would have slept there if possible.  By the way, don't you just love slack little baby muscles?  So cute.  I could just eat him.