Sunday, January 16, 2011

My monkeys

Ok, I have posted many pics about how good of a monkey Seth is, and it looks like Blake is following in his footsteps. Earlier, even. Oh, dear. Since he was 2(!), sometimes we would go in to get Blake up in the morning and he would be in the top of the closet. There are no shelves to climb, just the one rack with a shelf above that. Seth can't even hang clothes without a stool. It defied belief, but I never thought about taping until today. Here you go.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brother time

We were invited to go out to Beth's family's land in Pipe Creek for New Year's day. So we went out and the kids practiced with their bb guns and .22s. We climbed trees and looked at rocks. Then we took a trip down to Pipe Creek. The kids waded around in freezing water and we chunked rocks. While we were there, Becky Whittington showed up and then Andy, Kate and fam showed up. What a wonderful surprise! I wish I had on film the look on Seth's face when Maddie and Claire came running down the hill! Being together with all his cousins is just his favorite thing in the whole world. We had a wonderfully lazy time, and then had a big cookout that night, complete with fish, shrimp, and venison. It was just a perfect day.
Blake throwing rocks with Aunt Becky

Caught a nice pic of Katie and Gavin

Saturday, January 8, 2011


We made cookies for Santa with dinosaur cutouts. The boys had fun, but I forgot to take pics of the finished projects.
My two reindeer
My little elf. Beverly from Kyle's work makes all of his cute little hats and I adore them.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Henson Christmas Party

Every year, the Hensons, Kyle's mom's family, have a big Christmas party. Gloria is one of eight kids, so it's usually a big party. They are always fun, and this year the theme was tacky Christmas sweaters. I thought the big hair went well with the horrid sweater.
Uncle Robert and Luke
Gloria in a vintage sweater
Friggs,Luke, Laramie, and Damon. I think the misspelling really adds something.
Ooh la la, they look nice.

me, Gloria, Savannah, Shayla, Kali, and Lisa. Sadly, I don't remember who won. But fun was had by all!! More to come on Christmas later...