Thursday, August 11, 2011


We did have a birthday party for Seth (7) and Cullen (2) back in May, but I never got around to blogging about it. They had a great time, but I didn't get very many good pics of birthday cake etc. b/c the person assigned to the camera took blurry pics. No pic of cake or even Seth! Fail! Oh well, here's what I got:
Cullen at 2 years

Me and my friend Alison
Mom and Andy. Keep those prayers coming for healing! I truly feel such a peace about her trial with cancer, that she will be healed and look back on this as a trial and a testament.

We actually got an inch of rain in July and this is our creek with water in it! Usually we have a pretty small pool about 10 feet long. After the rain, all the pools fill up with 2-3 feet of water and the whole creek had an inch covering it. And that with 1 inch of rain in an extreme drought! Imagine a wet year...

We moved Cullen to his big boy bed when we moved to the cabin.
It gets mixed results - this is nap time. We are training diligently! Really, I just take a pic first...

We got to go on our annual trip to the houseboat in Arkansas with our Aggie friends. This has become a yearly tradition that is only missed because of having babies or other major things! Our first trip was in 2002 and I meant to scan a pic of that trip but it has been misplaced somewhere (buried in a pile on my desk). I love these friends! God has blessed me so much through the years. While recovering from surgery Colleen (2nd girl from left) came and did my laundry, and Sarah (2nd girl from right) came down, took care of me, and froze me several meals.

I am recovering quite nicely from surgery. I got to keep both ovaries, a major victory. The doctor said my endometriosis was not bad at all - very different from my last few surgeries! It is weird, but with endometriosis, pain level does not correlate with amount of endo. I have had a tremendous amount of help from everyone. Such a testament of God's love! My sisters-in-law took care of my kids for a week. My boys did not miss us at all (a good thing!) they just had an awesome vacation. Then my church family and friends swooped in with meals, housekeeping, visitors, laundry. I have been so blessed. I am a month out now and as long as don't overdo I feel great. I can walk around, do laundry, cook, etc. but I still don't sweep or mop or scrub anything! I know my limits. Thanks to everyone who prayed me through. My endo pain is completely gone.

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