Friday, May 13, 2011

cabin pics

This is the original camp stall style bathroom in the loft

It was in great condition.

With the stall removed, you could see the water damage caused by missing sections of roof.

New bathroom going up. Wall and roof are repaired, bleached, and Killzed before new walls are going up. We will have a full bath upstairs. Although that makes the loft considerable smaller, I think it's a wise choice.
Another view of the new bathroom

Old kitchen. Yes, the previous owner left a fully stocked, rusted, ruined kitchen to be cleaned out. Even stuff out on the counters. Cabinets were falling apart. Everything was ripped out. During the cleanup we went through two 40 yard dumpsters!

Kyle's parents came down and helped clean and repair the ceiling. Very tedious work! The whole ceiling is reclaimed barn wood and every single piece needed to be sealed with foam insulation from the top and caulked from below. You can see here the kitchen cabinets are gone.
New (to us) kitchen cabinets we scored off of Craigslist. Our friends Shelton and Cheryl came out and helped us hang them. Now they are being painted off-white, then glazed, then we will put on new hardware. I am super excited about my kitchen. I will have a bigger kitchen in the small cabin than I do now in the big rent house :)

Okay, fine. Kyle and Shelton hung cabinets and Cheryl and I took the kids on a walk and watched them climb trees!

One more pic of my hard working man! New Pics to come soon. My chandelier is hung, closets are finished out. Things are coming together!

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Amanda S. said...

Ooh, so glad to see updated pictures! The full bath upstairs is going to be awesome! I can't wait to see the new chandelier!